I Love Menswear

As a young girl growing up in New York, I've always loved fashion, but I've always loved mens' fashion a little more than womans'. Maybe it's because there's such intricate detail in the most simple items; or it could be because there's such simplicity in the most intricate items...

Whatever it is though, I love it all.

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Group Elegance

Suitsupply S/S 2013

More Brown 

sweet get up

In honor of On the Road’s theatrical debut today, let’s look at Jack Kerouac’s style. Again. I’ve actually posted these looks before, but Kerouac was hardly one to troll the halls of department stores for some Givenchy or Balenciaga ish, so it still rings true. Feeding a long piece of paper through his typewriter, he would eventually become the voice of the beat generation. Of his works, On the Road is easily the most famous. It tells the story of his journey across the country along with his other comrades. Read the book and check the film trailer below. Meanwhile, here are your fashunz:

1. Shirt and bag by Loden Dager, pants and shoes by Louis Vuitton

2. Jacket by Patrick Ervell, sweatshirt by Loden Dager, pants by Louis Vuitton, shoes by Paul Smith

3. Shirt by michael Bastian, pants by Patrick Ervell, shoes by Louis Vuitton

Men’s Trend: Gray Matter

Photo by Adam Gardiner

Mr. Porter – The Edit: Winter Gloves